Miss Gay Texas State Pageant System


About Us

The Miss Gay Texas Pageant System's purpose is to develop and maintain a high quality and professional pageant system and be recognized as the "Symbol of Excellence" within the community that the pageant system serves. The system also supports and supports men who take the art of female impersonation to a higher level. Annually the system will donate funds to the community when available.

Our pageant system is owned by Linze Serell (Bill Lindsey) and is led by a board of directors. We are a registered non-profit organization. As an organization, we support the local community through activism and fundraising.

For over 10 years, our pageant system has worked in supporting men to excel in the artform of female impersonation.  Local preliminary pageants are held throughout the year with the winners and their alternates going on to compete in the state pageant held each September. Our state titleholders reign from September to September each calendar year and take part in many events throughout their term.One of their duties is organizing, and promoting fundraising events. These events raise money for a local non-profit organization (See beneficiary information) and support the operations of the pageant system. Our titleholders perform at each prelim and various events in the community.